One way to improve the appearance of your smile is with professional teeth whitening at Rider Family Dentistry in Cherokee, Iowa. Whitening your smile is quick and easy at Rider Family Dentistry and can be accomplished in either one visit to our office or with take-home whitening kits. 


Glo Whitening


Because teeth whitening is a very popular treatment, we wanted to be sure that all of our patients are receiving the most effective and healthy whitening through Glo Whitening. Glo Whitening is a very well-known and well-liked whiten product that is helping people just like you obtain the white smile they have always longed for. 


How does it Work? 


Hydrogen peroxide mixed bleaching agent and the Glo light which uses heat resistors and light reflectors work together in whitening your smile. The special light activates the hydrogen peroxide in the bleach making a faster way to a white smile without any sensitivity.


Understanding that not all patients and their schedules are the same and not everyone can come into our office for a special appointment for whitening, we offer take-home whitening kits and in-office whitening. 


In-Office: Within one visit for Glo Whitening, we can have your smile multiple shades whiter. When coming in for your appointment, your teeth will be prepped for whitening by placing the bleach onto your teeth. Once the bleach is fully applied, the special Glo light will be placed in your mouth. The amount of time the light will be decided on by the dentist according to your specific dental case. 


Take-Home: The Glo Whitening take-home kit works the same way as in the office except for the fact that you’ll be doing it at home with your own small Glo light system. Our dentist will administer the bleaching agent and the Glo light for you to use on your own time as often as you would like. 


To take advantage of our Glo Whitening system please give us a call or set up an appointment at Rider Family Dentistry here in Cherokee, Iowa. Having a whiter smile can increase your confidence and your love for your smile.