Dental Implant Crowns in Cherokee, Iowa rider family dentistry dental implant crown dentistDental Implant Crowns in Cherokee, Iowa

Dental implants are a state-of-the-art restorative dentistry option. They can transform your smile by replacing one or more missing teeth. Dr. Rider recommends her patients visit a dentist specializing in dental implant technology. Then, she will finish the implant with a beautiful crown to match your smile. For more information on dental implants and how Dr. Rider can help you restore your smile, keep reading. 


Dental Implant Specialist

A dental implant specialist is someone who has extensive training and experience in dental implants. Dr. Rider recommends her patients visit dental implant specialists for their needs. Patients may need a dental implant if they have a missing or broken tooth. This could occur during trauma such as a sports injury or car accident. Another way many patients break or lose their teeth is through dental decay. This can occur through tooth decay or periodontal disease. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria festers on the tooth, causing acid to build up and form holes in the tooth. When this occurs on the gums, it is referred to as gum disease. This happens when the gums become inflamed from bacteria. Eventually, the bacteria can break down in the gums, teeth, and bone. 


How Is A Dental Implant Placed?

There are three main parts of a dental implant: the post, the abutment, and the crown. Dr. Rider recommends that her patients go to a dental implant specialist for the post and the abutment. The post is made out of titanium and sits in your gums, replacing your tooth’s root. The abutment helps the post attach to the crown. 


How Is A Dental Crown Made?

To make the crown, first, Dr. Rider will take an impression of your teeth. This will help the lab determine how to form the crown. She may also take an x-ray of your teeth for the lab. During your next appointment, the dental crown is placed. The crown is typically made of porcelain, making it durable and stain-resistant. Once the crown is placed, it can be shaped and formed to your liking. 


How Long Does A Dental Crown Last?

The longevity of the dental crown will depend on how well you take care of the crown. To take care of the crown best, you should brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day. A dental crown can last five to fifteen years when taken care of well. In addition to good hygiene, Dr. Rider recommends that you do not grind your teeth. Not only can this create damage for your gums, but it can also wear down the crown. Likewise, avoid eating inedible objects such as ice and eliminate opening packages with your teeth. These are all things that can cut down on the longevity of your tooth. 


Is Getting A Crown Painful?

Dr. Rider works to reduce pain for her clients on all dental procedures. Dr. Rider provides her patients with sedation dentistry for dental crowns to make them more comfortable. One option she may provide is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This will make the procedure more comfortable. She will also numb the area around the tooth to reduce pain during the procedure. Our goal at Rider Family Dentistry is your comfort. If you ever feel uncomfortable during your procedure, raise your hand, and we will help you feel more comfortable.