Restorative Dentistry Rider family dentistry dentist in cherokee iowaAt Rider Family Dentistry in Cherokee, Iowa, we value the smile of each of our patients. While we do what we can to help each patient get and maintain a healthy smile, sometimes the unfortunate can indeed happen. For this reason, we offer several restorative dentistry procedures. No matter your situation, we have something that can help everyone. We have provided a list below to help you better understand the different procedures available to you. 


Fillings: Dental fillings are used to correct cavities. A cavity is created from the buildup of plaque and bacteria that then turns into an acid. This acid literally burns small holes into your teeth, weakening your teeth and making them brittle. A filling fills the hole in your tooth. This restores your tooth to its original function. A composite resin is used that is made to look like the tooth itself. The filling is hardened and works to withstand future cavities and decay. 

Crowns: A dental crown is used to correct a cavity when it has become too severe for a filling. Once a tooth has decayed, it will be filed down in order to fit a crown. A dental crown is a complete cover for your tooth. It allows the tooth underneath time to heal while still giving you full functionality of your mouth. Crowns are typically made out of porcelain to look like your natural tooth. 

Bridges: A bridge is a prosthetic tooth that is anchored into your mouth with surrounding artificial teeth. This is normally given to patients that are missing more than one tooth in a row. It is one of the less invasive tooth replacement options that we offer. It is made to look and act like your real tooth. 

Implants: A dental implant is one of the more popular dental restoration options. It is normally recommended when needing to replace one missing tooth. The process is extensive, as it is a surgical procedure. The process consists of three dental instruments placed into your mouth at different times. The pieces create a brand new root of your tooth and a prosthetic tooth. The restoration is permanent, and if taken care of correctly, can last you decades. 

Periodontal Therapy: Periodontal disease is gum disease. This occurs when good oral hygiene is not practiced. When plaque and bacteria are not removed, they can harden and damage your gum line. If not treated immediately, it can lead to tooth decay, and your teeth can fall out. Periodontal therapy consists of different treatment options, depending on how severe your case is. It is meant to correct the damage and restore your gums to brand new. 


Here at Rider Family Dentistry, we offer several different restorative options when it comes to correcting your smile. No matter the issue, you can trust that we have something for you. We invite you to explore our website and read about each procedure in greater detail. If you have any questions, please give us a call or come into our Cherokee, Iowa, office.